Meet..Me (Andrea)

Born and raised in Australia, I now split my time between the beautiful Waikato of New Zealand and the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

After owning and running the largest womens only gym in NZ for a number of years I saw there were so many women who wanted the support and guidance of a women’s only fitness facility, however either lacked the time to get to a gym, or were desperate to improve their health yet felt self conscious or uncomfortable working out in public no matter how supportive the environment we could provide was.

My own experience of juggling a career along with being a full-time mum of 3, wife and friend meant I regularly could not find the time to get to the gym for a workout and often found myself coming up with ways to get my fitness fix from home.

It was then that I realised that with my connection of dedicated, qualified and trusted trainers, nutritionists, Group Fitness Instructors and other health professionals that I have worked with personally for years, I could provide a fitness service that could fit in with any womens lifestyle.  Something just for her. And so began Her Fit.

Her Fit comes from a passion of womens health, and offers a unique, holistic approach to online fitness and wellbeing. I believe that a lifestyle that has a balanced diet and regular movement allows you make the most of each day and have more energy to put in whatever area in life is important to you.

With a beautiful community of members, experts and support we hope to give you the answer to all your fitness needs.

We are an entire gym you can carry in your pocket for when it suits you, so weather you are trying to make a healthy change and feel more comfortable doing that in your own home, need something that you can fit in around the screaming kids (I literally write this while sitting on the floor trying to occupy my 4 month old) or are conquering the corporate world and don’t have the time to get to the gym, we have you covered.

By joining Her Fit, you join part of a large community of women who will help support, empower and encourage you every step of the way.

Thanks for letting us be part of your health and fitness journey.

Andrea x